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What is Velboa fabric: Properties, Characteristic and Usages

Are you seeking a durable and comfortable fabric that is suitable for manufacturing blankets, bedspreads, and also covering baby toys? If you are then Velboa fabric is the best way to go through. It is an excellent quality fabric that comes with high durability and offers excellent comfort. This fabric comes with soft and fluffy feel and is available in a variety of designs.

Polyester is used as a raw material in the fabric. The product includes a sturdy body, a comfortable grip, and a sturdy wool form. The cloth shrinks and becomes denser after preprocessing, heat setting, as well as a wet treatment prior to dyeing. This article is going to explore the facts about this fabric. So, continue browsing this article to know more in detail.

What is Velboa fabric?

Velboa is a type of short pile faux fur fabric that is made of high-quality polyester materials. This fabric has excellent durability and comes in a range of colors and patterns. This faux fur fabric is the ideal realistic animal coating fabric in terms of both style and durability. The fabric has a soft and fluffy texture as well as comes in a variety of colors based on the type of animal pattern.

Velboa fabric
Velboa fabric

This high-quality fabric does not shrink, giving fabric engineers additional control over the cloth. It creates a fantastic sensation of warmth as well as is quite attractive whenever worn on the body. This fabric comes with a smooth as well as textured feel that makes it suitable for manufacturing different garments applications.

What is Velboa fabric made of?

So far you may be wondering what this fabric is made of. I already clarified in the previous section that this fabric is made of polyester material. YES! Velboa is a type of fabric that is made of high-quality polyester fiber. In fact, this fabric contains 100% polyester materials.

Velboa fabric Properties

Fabric NameVelboa Fabric
Fabric MaterialsPolyester
Fabric DurabilityHigh
Heat retention CapabilityExcellent
Fabric StretchabilityHigh
Moisture-wicking CapabilityExcellent
Washing temperaturesNormal and Hot
ApplicationsBlankets, Bedspreads, Home Decor, Upholstery, Drapery, Car seats cover, Fashion accessories

Types of Velboa

Velboa is available in three different types; Micro Velboa, Minky Velboa and Flat Silk Velboa. Let’s take a look at these three different Velboa faux fur fabrics.

Micro Velboa fabric

Micro Velboa fabric
Micro Velboa fabric

This type of Velboa is one of the popular fabrics and comes with a smooth finish. This type of fabric is excellently soft as well as comfortable. This type of fabric comes with a short pile of fake fur compared to Minky Velboa. Although it is a dying finished fabric, you can also print on the fabric.

Minky Velboa fabric

Minky Velboa fabric
Minky Velboa fabric

Also known as Velboa Smooth S – Wave fabric, is really a smooth finish and double-sided super soft fabric. This fabric has an embossed wave design and is meticulously knitted with a relatively long pile of fake fur with a deep 3 mm pile. This type of fabric is highly durable and also offers excellent comfort.

Flat silk Velboa

Flat silk Velboa Fabric
Flat silk Velboa

This is another popular type of Velboa you can get in the textile industry. As the name suggested, this fabric has a flat silk-like finish. This type of Velboa is mainly used to manufacture different winter garments applications like winterwear and blankets.

Characteristics of Velboa

Velboa comes with different exclusive features that make it one of the most popular fabrics in the textile industry. Let’s take a look at the features of this high-quality fabric shortly.

Durable Fabric

Velboa is a highly durable and long-lasting fabric. Since this fabric is made with 100% polyester, it offers excellent durability. The durability features of this fabric make it one of the popular fabrics in the textile industry.

Tear Resistance

Velboa also has tear-resistance features. Fabrics with stronger tensile force resistance may be utilized to develop a wider range of goods, whereas fabrics with lesser or no tear resistance are limited in their production capabilities. Tear resistance is an essential aspect of a product’s quality and lifespan.

Shrink resistant

Velboa does not shrink and is resistant to water-based stains. Since it is composed of 100% polyester, this high-quality fabric does not shrink. This feature gives fabric developers more control over the fabric.


Velboa also offers excellent comfortability. Since it is highly comfortable, this fabric is a suitable and perfect option for manufacturing jackets, hoodies, blankets, bedspreads, and other applications.

What is Velboa fabric used for?

Velboa is a versatile and durable fabric that comes with several advanced and exclusive features. This fabric can be used to manufacture different types of applications. The textile industry uses this fabric to manufacture different Fashion, Home Decor, Cosplay & Costumes, Toys and other applications.

Fashion Products

Velboa can bring a bit of flare to any wardrobe. Velboa will provide a dazzling touch to any garment, sweatshirt, lingerie, shoe, bag, and lining. Velboa has an elegant fur look while being a cruelty-free faux fur option. Velboa’s moderate weight allows for year-round wear instead of seasonal wear.

Home Décor

Velboa is an ideal fabric for home design. Velboa is an excellent choice for designing pillows, chairs, couches, curtains, drapes, blankets, throws, bedding, or home décor elements. Velboa caters to a wide range of themes, including modern, traditional, mid-century art deco, Rocco, baroque, glamorous, and bohemian.

Car accessories

Like Velour Fabric, Velboa is frequently used in the design of car accessories like as mats, trims, as well as seat coverings because to its durability. Velboa Prints can make a vibrant interior, Velboa S Wave can produce an old school traditional, and Velboa Solids can give a streamlined aesthetic.

Velboa Blankets

Velboa is an excellent choice for constructing a throw blanket or a whole bed set. Velboa, being a short pile imitation fur, has the elegant appearance of fur or animal skin while being cruelty free. Velboa’s medium weight allows blankets as well as bedding to be utilized all year.

Velboa Fabric Care Instructions

Velboa is a durable fabric that can be washed in machine or hand cleaned as well as dries rapidly. Machine washing, drip cleaning, hanging to dry, as well as flat drying are all options for drying Velboa. Wrinkles are inherently resistant to Velboa fabric, although they may be smoothed down with gentle steam on the reverse. Velboa fabric should not be bleached, tumble dried, ironed, or dry cleaned.

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