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Top 8 Most Convenient Purses and Handbag Storage Ideas 2022

Are you willing to know the handbag storage ideas? Storing handbags in a safe and secure place is crucial to keep your handbags safe and of real quality. When your handbags are not in day-to-day use, there are numerous methods to store them. Some purses may be both hefty and delicate, and you have a large collection of them.

When considering DIY handbag storage options, it is essential to consider safe, secure, as well as visible storage. It may have cost a lot of money to get a safe spot to keep your bags. If you do decide to keep them and expect to use them sufficiently to warrant their storage, choose closed containers, such as transparent plastic bins.

You may also store them on closet shelves, in a transparent plastic zipped bag, or anywhere else. There are several solutions to fit both small and large places, and some provide little value and seek to apply them. Here are some basic and straightforward storing solutions for preserving the quality of handbags. So, continue browsing this article and get the best storage ideas for handbags.

Best DIY handbag Storage Ideas

These 8 handbag storage ideas can help you Store Your Handbags and purses safely when they are not in use. Let’s explore all these methods and choose the best method for storing your handbags and purses.

Method-01: Store Handbags on the Shelf

The shelf is the first and the most ideal handbag and purse storage idea on this list. The shelf lets you store and also display your purses and handbags. YES! Using a shelf, you can store your handbags safely and display them to others. Shelf dividers may be used to separate each bag while maintaining them upright and ordered.

Handbag storage ideas
Storing Handbags on Shelf

You can go for a wall-mount shelf to store your handbags and display them. If you don’t like drilling, you may substitute standing racks as well as bookshelves. When arranging handbags on a shelf, leave a 1 to 2-cm gap between each handbag or purse to prevent color transference.

Method-02: Under-Bed Drawers 

Storing your handbags in the under-bed drawer is one of the best bag storage ideas for small spaces. YES! These handbag organizing ideas is really best for you if you do not have enough space in your room. Under the bed, a drawer is the perfect storing option for those handbags that you use seasonally instead of frequently used.

Handbag storage ideas
Storing Handbags in Under-Bed Drawers 

Under-Bed Drawers offer a highly secure space to store any valuable accessories like purses or any handbags. You can use a plastic or wood-made drawer that has been manufactured for storing bags or clothing. Wrap your handbag with a rapper to maximize the amount of protection. It will protect your luggage from dust and debris while keeping brilliant hues.

Method-03: Closet Shelf Organizer

The closet Shelf Organizer is one of the ideal storage ideas for plastic bags as well as other types of handbags and purses. The Closet Shelf Organizer is a versatile place where you can purchase different valuable things. It is also one of the safest and also secure places for storing anything.

Handbag storage ideas
Storing handbags to Closet Shelf

You can also use a hanging purse organizer for the closet to store your handbags. This technique of storing also protects your purses as well as handbags from dust gathering. So, it will keep your favorite purses and handbags much more protected. Overall this DIY bag storage idea is really great.

Method-04: Store in Hanging Hooks

This is another cost-effective purse as well as bag storage idea. YES! Hanging Hooks are one of the affordable, versatile, and also easy ways to store any DIY purses as well as handbags. You may attach the hooks to any door, but the door of your closet is the perfect way to go through for DIY purse storage.

Handbag storage ideas
Storing handbags in Hanging Hooks

Moreover, you can also install this hanging hook to the wall to store your valuable sources and handbag. Check that the handbags and purses are just hanging nicely behind the hook. And don’t leave them lying around since you’ll get into them constantly at the time.

Method-05: Store in Wicker Baskets

Wrapping your bags and storing them in a wicker basket is one of the perfect DIY purse storage ideas if your room does not have enough space. Wicker baskets are an excellent choice since they allow for air circulation while taking up less storage space.

Handbag storage ideas
Storing handbags in Wicker Baskets

As a result of the proper light and air supply, the bags are safeguarded from dangerous factors. It is, however, preferable to keep bags as well as purses without folding them. Because folded bags lose their form, strive to save them without folding.

Method-06: Store in Hook Rack

Hook Rack is another best option for storing your beloved handbags. It is one of the storage ideas for handbags for those who love to store and display their handbag collection. Hook racks are commonly used in entrances to carry coats, but they may also be utilized to store your favorite purses.

Handbag storage ideas
Storing Handbags in Hook Rack

Find a hanger or hook rack with a lot of hooks and put it on the wall or at the front entrance if you want a quick pick option. Then hang a purse from each wall hanger and enjoy your collection every time you go into the room.

Method-07: Get a Closet Organizer

Using a handbags and purses organizer for the closet is a supreme handbag and other types of bag storage idea. Much like a closet organizer for your jackets or shirts, you can also use a handbag organizer for closet to store your purses and handbags.

Handbag storage ideas
Storing Handbags in Closet Shelf Organizer

Hanging purse organizer for closet allows numerous purses to be kept vertically, taking up the minimum amount of room. This also works nicely because it does not use the real handles of the purse to hang them. It’s also not a good option if you have several handbags and purses in your collection or for extremely hefty handbags.

Method-08: Store in Shower Rings

Shower rings are another cost-effective and versatile DIY handbag and DIY purse storage idea. Shower rings are a convenient and quick method to store handbag organizers in closets. Connect the rings to a closet rod and place all your handbags and purses serially in the rings.

Handbag storage ideas
Storing handbags in Shower Rings

Hanging handbags and purses on the handles allows them to be placed side by side, enabling you to embellish their thin sections while saving storage space. This approach, however, is not suggested for heavy purses since it might break them by adding long-term strain to the straps.

Wrap Up

Handbags are among the most essential components of women’s fashion in the current day. Handbags of various designs may be included in your collection. If you leave without storing them in the correct location, they may become unusable. In addition, improper storage of your beloved handbags and purses can cause color as well as quality loss.

We hope that these purse handbag storage ideas have given you some ideas on how to properly store handbags. We’ve shown you several simple but effective methods to keep your purses and also handbags. You can utilize any of these DIY bag storage ideas to rescue your beloved handbag.

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