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Top 12 Flat Lay Clothing Photography Ideas To Showcase Product Collections

In recent years, flat lay clothing photography has grown in popularity, especially in the fashion sector. In order to use this method, clothing and accessories must be arranged on a level surface before being photographed from above. The end result is an eye-catching and fashionable picture that presents the apparel products in a way that is both useful and aspirational.

Flat lay clothing photography offers a clear and comprehensive picture of the clothing items. It allows to see the texture, fabric, and features of the clothing in a way that is not always feasible in standard product photography. This is one of the major advantages of this type of photography. Furthermore, the usage of flat lays enables a creative approach to product photography.

You might profit from being aware of the top flat lay clothing photography ideas. I’ll go through some of the top flat lay clothes photography ideas in this article. Explore these flat lay clothes photography tips, put them to use, and achieve the greatest results.

What is Flat Lay Clothing Photography?

Before digging into other facts, first, we should know What clothes flat lay photography is? Flat lay clothing photography is a type of product photography where clothing items are laid out flat on a surface and photographed from an overhead perspective. The clothing items are arranged in a visually appealing way, with different pieces and accessories placed strategically to create a stylish and attractive image.

Flat lay clothing photography ideas
Flat lay clothing photography

This type of photography is commonly used in the fashion industry for creating product catalogues, lookbooks, and social media content. It allows for a clear and detailed view of the clothing items and also gives customers an idea of how the pieces can be styled and combined with other accessories.

Flat lay clothing photography requires a high level of attention to detail in terms of composition, lighting, and color balance. It can be done with a simple setup, using a flat surface and natural light, or with more advanced equipment such as studio lighting and a camera tripod.

What are the Flat Lay Clothing Photography Ideas 2022?

Explore these top 12 best Flat Lay Clothing Photography Ideas. These can help you capture professional quality Flat Lay Photography. So, you will be able to showcase your products in an amazing way.

1. Place on a flat surface

For flat lay clothing photography, a level or flat surface is preferable. Light from the source reflects better on flat surfaces than it does on other surfaces. It will enable you to take better pictures. All you need to do is lay the item(s) of clothes or apparel on a flat, unadorned surface. Use a mat or other firm surface first, then put the clothing on top of it.

Flat lay clothing photography ideas
Place on a flat surface

You can hold the cloth steady with its assistance. With flat lay photography, achieving the right image depends on the clothing’s background. Use a solid color cloth or mat like white or black color. Now Take a photo, and then remove the background form the image either do it yourself or get a professional to do it for you.

2. Capture by hanging on the wall

This is Another excellent flat lay concept for clothing. It’s not truly flat lay clothes photography when it’s captured by hanging on a wall, but it’s almost relevant. In addition to utilizing a flat surface, a vertical surface may also be used for photographing clothing in a flat-lay style. To hang the fabric on the wall, all you need to do is use a hanger.

Flat lay clothing photography ideas
Capture by hanging on the wall

A sturdy paper board can also be inserted inside the clothing items. It will greatly increase the stability of the clothing. After there is adequate light, take the picture. It will resemble the prior image once it has been taken. The look will also impressive since the hanger hangs the item by the neck and shoulder.

3. Manual shooting

One of the simplest ways to achieve flat lay clothing photography is to use a ladder and a hand-held camera. Anything put on a table or the ground will be able to be shot. The setup mimics a typical picture studio and the lights may be put anywhere in the space.

4. Use a Tripod

When capturing photos from above, using a tripod offers a more precise and solid method. If your tripod has a movable center column, you may use it to tilt the camera down vertically to shoot a flat lay. Instead, you might purchase a lateral attachment arm. It can attach to the tripod and be set up with the camera angled over the flat lay.

5. Organizing clothing for photography

One of the most important aspects of flat-lay clothes photography is organizing the clothing items. You have a number of DIY choices at your disposal to help you benefit from flat-lay photography’s advancements. Tablecloth arrangements, handbag assortments, and matching placement are the easiest techniques.

Flat lay clothing photography ideas
Organizing clothing for photography

Put each piece of clothes where it belongs or where it looks best. Instead, arrange the garments in a way that appears well-organized. This is also important for flat-lay clothes photography ideas.

6. Using Black Paper

Another of the greatest flat lay photography suggestions for clothes is to use a black piece of paper or fabric rather than a white background. You may add a distinctive ambiance to the surface by using black paper. In contrast to a dark background, colors are muted rather than striking. Even so, it makes for an interesting backdrop.

Flat lay clothing photography ideas
Using Black Paper

Black paper is an excellent tool for flat lay garment photography. Without a question, the best fabric to use with black backgrounds is velvet. Backgrounds that are black or dark are excellent for adding texture. If you’d want, you may even use them to write on backgrounds.

7. Choose the perfect lay style

Keep your clothing items as visible as possible when taking the photos. That will provide you more room to work with in the future, particularly during post-processing. The more you can do with editing, the more it may help the apparel firm stand out from its rivals.

Flat lay clothing photography ideas
Choose the perfect lay style

There are a range of flat-lay clothing photography ideas available, depending on the fashion. So, you can apply different methods for different product line or different categories. Choose the best layout for the given outfit.

8. Capture by folding clothes

Folding the clothes and capturing an image is a unique and creative Flat lay clothing photography idea. Additionally, you may improve your photography by strategically folding your clothes. Fold the clothing smartest manner, place it on the surface and capture a photo.

Flat lay clothing photography ideas
Capture by folding clothes

You can place one or multiple clothes on a flat surface and then capture an image. You can also place any beautification item which will make the picture more beautiful. It is one of the best ways to showcase multiple clothes in one frame.

9. Avoid Limiting Frame

While snapping the shots, keep your clothing as accessible as workable. It will provide you with more space to work with later, especially during post-processing. A wide frame will give you much more versatility to further work than a limited frame. Editing can assist the clothing company in distinguishing out from its competitors the further you can accomplish with it.

10. Ensure Angle Variation

The elevated center viewpoint might not need much adjusting, then. Hence, occasionally shifting the attention to the left or even the right could provide some variety. It could be difficult to capture the three-dimensionality of clothing while taking flat-lay photos.

The clothes might sometimes look like paper cutouts since they are laid flat on the ground. Make sure there is a lower exposure angle so that your apparel will stand out against the background.

11. Ensure visible details

Many individuals believe that styling clothing is simple. But really, learning product photography is one of the more challenging parts. Certain garment kinds may be difficult to identify if you’ve folded them incorrectly. Organizing your outfit to highlight your greatest attributes is the key.

Be careful to highlight a T-shirt’s print and typography while photographing products. Avoid folding shirts with sleeves the same way you would a standard t-shirt. Display the item’s large sleeves to the audience. Clothing must be organized precisely so that they may be distinguished from one another.

12. Use Appropriate Kits

You should get and employ the proper flat lay photography kit to take the best Flat lay clothing photography. Everything you choose, from lighting kits to camera lenses, should be considered carefully. Choosing a lens for flat lay clothes photography is completely up to you.

Flat lay clothing photography ideas
Use Appropriate Kits

You must refrain from using a focal length less than 50mm while taking flat-lay photographs. For this kind of photography, you need to employ proper lighting supplies, much like a camera lens. The recommended configuration consists of three lights. You’ll be able to achieve the best results this way.

How Does Flat Lay Photography Differ from Traditional Photography?

Flat lay photography differs from traditional photography in several ways. Traditional photography typically involves taking photos of the subject from a specific angle or perspective, such as head-on or from a slight angle. In contrast, flat lay photography involves taking photos of objects arranged on a flat surface from an overhead perspective.

Another key difference is the approach to lighting. In traditional photography, lighting is often used to highlight specific features of the subject or create a particular mood. In flat lay photography, lighting is typically used to create an even and diffused light that highlights the texture and details of the objects being photographed.

The composition of the photo is also different in flat lay photography compared to traditional photography. Flat lay photography often involves creating a visually appealing arrangement of the objects, with careful consideration given to color coordination, balance, and negative space. In contrast, traditional photography often focuses on capturing a specific moment or emotion, and the composition of the photo is designed to emphasize the subject and its context.

Flat lay photography is often used in product photography, as it allows for a clear and detailed view of the object being photographed. It is particularly effective for clothing items and accessories, as it allows the viewer to see the texture and details of the fabric and the way different pieces can be combined and styled. Traditional photography, on the other hand, is often used for capturing people or events, and is focused on telling a story or conveying an emotion.

Benefits of Flat Lay Photography in Business

Flat lay clothing photography has become an increasingly popular form of product photography in recent years, particularly in the fashion industry. This type of photography involves arranging different clothing items on a flat surface as well as photographing them from an overhead perspective. The result is a stylish and visually appealing image that showcases the clothing in a practical and aspirational way.

The popularity of flat lay clothing photography can be attributed to a number of factors. For one, it provides a clear and detailed view of the clothing items, allowing customers to see the texture, fabric, and details of the garment in a way that is not always possible in traditional product photography. The use of flat lays also allows for a creative approach to product photography, with different clothing items and accessories arranged visually pleasingly.

In addition to its practical applications in product photography, flat lay clothes photography ideas have become popular on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Influencers and bloggers use flat lay images to showcase their personal style and inspire their followers. The use of flat lay images on social media has also led to a growing demand for clothing items that are visually appealing and photogenic as customers seek to replicate the looks they see online.

Overall, flat lay clothing photography is a versatile and effective form of product photography that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its ability to showcase clothing items clearly and visually appealingly has made it a valuable tool for the fashion industry and a popular trend on social media. Whether used for practical purposes or creative expression, flat lay photography is a valuable skill for any photographer looking to expand their repertoire.

The FAQs

How do you take a flat picture without shadows?

By keeping a few things in mind, you may shoot a flat photo without any shadows. Making ensuring there is enough illumination should be your top priority. By maintaining the ideal viewing angle, you may also get rid of shadows in flat photographs. Flash can also be used to get rid of shadow.

What are the required gears for flat lay photography?

For flat lay photography of clothing, not much equipment is required. A camera will be your first piece of equipment. You may instead utilize the camera on your smartphone as an alternative to a high-end camera. Moreover, a tripod is required; however, you can take the photo manually. You’ll also benefit from purchasing a flashlight or many flashlights. A piece of paper or fabric in a solid hue will be the last thing you need.


Flat-lay clothing photography is a wonderful, simple method for presenting your clothing collections. It is frequently employed to create pictures for eCommerce products. This type of clothing photography presents a unique set of challenges. You may achieve the greatest results by using the aforementioned flat lay clothing photography ideas.

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