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Do Smart Plugs Really Save Energy?

Smart plugs are gadgets that empower you to remotely control our wired appliances within our households without the necessity of direct physical engagement with the appliances. These plugs receive signals from the app and control the devices accordingly. You can control it through your phone or a smart assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant  granting users the capability to manage their devices from a distance.

Energy-saving reality of smart plugs

Certainly, smart plugs can genuinely conserve energy. They function by providing users with the capability to remotely switch off devices that are not in active use. This contributes to diminishing standby power consumption, which refers to the electricity that devices draw even when they are powered off.

Leaving devices like your TV, set-top box, and gaming console on standby, or continually charging your laptop and tablet when they’re not in use, results in a continuous electricity consumption. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average UK household wastes £35 (approximately $50 / AU$65) annually due to idle appliances.

Research conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and CLEAResult demonstrates that smart plugs can lead to annual electricity savings ranging from 1% to 4.58%. This translates to approximately 500 to 1000 kilowatt-hours per year.

Smart plugs can indeed help you save energy by eliminating standby power consumption

 How much energy do smart plugs use?

Smart plugs have a negligible energy footprint, consuming typically between 0.3 and 0.4 watts per day on average, with a maximum of 2 watts per day. This is roughly equivalent to leaving an LED light bulb switched on. The power consumption of smart plugs is quite low because they are designed to be energy-efficient.

It’s essential to note that the energy consumption of smart plugs is negligible compared to the energy savings they can facilitate. Smart plugs are primarily used to manage other devices more efficiently, helping to reduce overall electricity usage.

For example, if you use a smart plug to control a device that consumes 100 watts and you turn it off remotely when it’s not in use, you can save a significant amount of energy. The smart plug itself may consume only a few watts, but it can result in substantial energy savings for the connected device.

So, while smart plugs do use a small amount of energy, their real value lies in their ability to help reduce the energy consumption of the devices they control.

smart plugs use

Smart plugs themselves use a minimal amount of electricity, typically in the range of 0.3-0.4 watts a day on average

 How can smart plugs help us save energy?

Learning how to install smart switch (cách cài đặt công tắc điện thông minh) in your home can significantly assist us in saving energy through their ability to control the power supply to various devices and appliances in our homes. By intelligently managing the operation of these devices, smart plugs offer several key advantages that contribute to energy conservation.

Tracking your energy consumption

Smart plugs have the capability to monitor the energy usage of your connected devices. This valuable feature allows you to gain insights into your energy consumption patterns, helping you pinpoint areas where energy-saving opportunities exist.

By tracking your energy consumption, you can analyze the usage patterns of specific appliances and devices. This data is often accessible through a dedicated app or the smart plug itself. It provides comprehensive energy usage data for each device, enabling you to track consumption patterns over time. This data is presented in clear and easily understandable formats, such as charts or statistics.

For example, you can use the Aqara Smart Plug ZNCZ12LM (US) and monitor real-time power consumption through Authentic Aqara smart scene panel (màn hình cảm ứng Aqara chính hãng). This way, you can keep track of the electricity usage in your home and have better control over your power consumption.

Use smart plugs to schedule your devices

Smart plugs are a flexible solution for managing electrical devices in your home. Using smart plugs to schedule your devices is a smart and convenient way to manage your electrical appliances. With smart plugs, you can automate the turning on and off of devices like lights, fans, air conditioners, and many others based on the schedules you set. This helps you save energy, reduce power wastage, and add convenience to your daily life.

For example, you can schedule the lights and fans to turn off in the morning when you leave the house or turn off your computer when not in use. Explore how to use smart plugs to optimize energy management and create a smarter living environment.

smart plugs help us save energy

Smart plugs are a flexible solution for managing electrical devices in your home

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Turning off unnecessarily turned on devices

In our daily lives, we often encounter situations where electrical devices turn on automatically and consume energy unnecessarily. This leads to energy wastage and increased electricity bills. This phenomenon is referred to as “phantom power” or “standby power”. Smart plugs offer a solution to reduce phantom power consumption by enabling you to remotely turn off devices when they are not in use.

For example, you can remotely turn off lights, fans, or electronic appliances when you don’t need to use them. This not only helps save energy but is also an important step in environmental conservation.

Smart plugs are a relatively cost-effective investment that can lead to significant long-term savings on your energy bills. If you’re seeking a way to conserve both energy and money, considering the use of smart plugs is a wise choice.

In conclusion, smart plugs can indeed save energy and reduce your electricity bills. By providing you with the ability to remotely control and schedule your devices, they help eliminate energy wastage and reduce “phantom power” consumption.

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