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30 Most Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Mehendi is one kind of temporary body art. It is painted onto the skin using a henna. Most Bengali and Indian girls love to paint mehendi on their hands and feet. However, the mehendi design can be a bit tricky for the beginner who has actually no idea about any type of design. So, are you willing to get ideas on the Most Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners?

In this article, I am going to discuss with you and give you a reference picture of the 30 easiest mehndi designs for beginners.  If you are a beginner and trying to learn about how to paint mehendi onto your body, this content is for you. So, let’s get started- 


30 Most Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners

To help you choose the best mehndi design for you as a beginner, here I’m going to compile a list of the top 30 most easy as well as aesthetic designs. Let’s explore this design and choose the best one for you.


Floral Mehndi Design

Floral Mehndi Design

Nothing is more beautiful than a floral mehendi design. These days,  fashionista girls like to paint their hands inspired by different types of floral design and it seems so elegant and cool. Any floral mehendi design goes well with any type of dress. Floral Mehendi designs are trending these days. In this design, you just draw some flowers with a leaf. 


Traditional Mehndi Design

Traditional Mehndi Design

Traditional Mehendi Designs are deeply rooted in cultural heritage, reflecting the rich traditions and artistry of various regions. Traditional patterns, geometric shapes, and symbolic elements characterize these designs, giving them a timeless and classic appeal. Whether for weddings, festivals or cultural celebrations, these designs reflect the spirit, values and aesthetics of diverse communities, making them a cherished and enduring part of cultural identity.


Block Mehndi design 

Block Mehndi design 

This is another easy mehndi design for beginners. Compared to traditional mehendi, Block Mehendi Design takes a more minimalistic approach, focusing on simplicity and the beauty of geometric forms. It’s a modern and chic choice for those who appreciate clean lines, symmetry, and a touch of minimalism in their mehendi designs. If you like simple and easiest designs for your henna art, you can easily choose these types of designs. 


Bel and Chain Easy Mehendi Design

Bel and Chain Easy Mehendi Design

The Bel and Chain Easy Mehendi Design is a simple yet charming henna pattern inspired by traditional Indian jewelry. This design consists of elements like bel (bell) shapes and chain links to create an elegant and simple mehendi design. Bel shapes can be strategically placed and chain-like patterns connect them, creating a graceful flow. This minimalistic and versatile design is perfect for those looking for a quick and stylish hand or foot decoration for casual or festive occasions.


Minimal Eid Mehendi Design

Minimal Eid Mehendi Design

Minimal Eid Mehendi Designs are simple and elegant, making them perfect for the festive occasion. These patterns usually have open spaces, tiny motifs, and clean lines, making them easy to apply and giving them an effortless yet adorable look. Simple florals, dots, and geometric shapes are common elements. The emphasis is on delicate decoration, making it wonderful for those who prefer a minimalist yet festive touch during the Eid celebrations.


Lotus Motif Mehndi design

Lotus Motif Mehndi design

 Lotus Motif Mehendi Design is the most popular design for Indian girls. It gives you a simple and minimalistic look. These types of mehendi designs you can easily choose on your special days. Like birthdays, ceremonies, hang-outings or any smaller ceremony. 


Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic Mehendi Design

Compared to some other styles, Arabic Mehendi Designs are often simpler and quicker to apply, making them suitable for those who prefer a less time-consuming process. These easy mehndi design for beginners are versatile and can be adapted for various occasions. They are popular choices for weddings and celebrations.


Bengali Mehendi Design

bengali mehendi design

Bengali Mehendi Design not only celebrates the beauty of intricate design but also reflects the region’s cultural heritage and traditions. Whether for weddings, festivals or cultural events, these patterns reflect a sense of pride and identity, making them an essential part of Bengali celebrations.


Back Hand Mehendi Design 

Back Hand Mehendi Design

Backhand Mehendi Designs are a popular and integral part of traditional henna art. These designs are applied on the back side of the hand and extend from the fingertips to the wrist. Flowers and paisley motifs are commonly incorporated into backhand designs. 


Leaf Mehendi Design

Leaf Mehndi Design

Leaf mehendi designs are inspired by the natural beauty of leaves, creating a graceful and organic pattern. These designs often feature various types of leaves, from simple and elegant to intricate and detailed. The arrangement of leaves can be symmetrical or scattered, providing flexibility in design. The design may also include veins, curls, and additional elements to enhance the overall aesthetic. Leaf mehendi designs are versatile, suitable for both casual and formal occasions, and offer a connection to nature’s beauty through artful representation.


Sunflower Inspired Mehndi design

Sunflower Inspired Mehendi design

This is one of the most popular mehendi designs. Simple and minimal design gives us a classy and elegant look. You can easily choose these mehendi designs for your family party, smaller ceremony, or any occasion. Moreover, this type of mehndi design is suitable for any age women.


  1. Jewellery Style Mehendi Design

Jewelry Style Mehendi Designs are intricate representations of ornate accessories. These mehendi patterns, inspired by intricate bracelets, rings, and anklets, adorn hands and feet with delicate, jewellery-like motifs. These easy henna designs for beginners add a glamorous touch to traditional and contemporary attire for special occasions, celebrations, and weddings, with fine detailing and precise lines.


  1. Punjabi Mehendi Design

Punjabi Mehendi designs are a vibrant expression of Punjab, India’s lively and celebratory spirit. These patterns are frequently bold, incorporating elements such as traditional motifs, flowers, and geometric shapes. Intricate patterns are applied to both the hands and the feet, with a focus on the palms. Mehendi is traditionally applied to the hands and feet of Punjabi brides, reflecting the region’s cultural exuberance and love of festivities.


  1. Rose Motif Mehendi Design

The most common mehendi design for Bengali and Indian girls is the Rose Motif. It provides a simple and minimalistic style. You can easily select these types of decoration styles for your special occasions. Birthdays, ceremonies, get-togethers or any other smaller ceremony. 


  1. Symbolic Mehendi Design

Symbolic Mehendi Designs are another easy mehndi design for beginners that may vary based on cultural traditions and individual preferences, but they often share common symbols and meanings. Common symbols include peacocks for beauty, lotus flowers for purity, and elephants for strength.  


  1. Indian Mehendi Design

Indian Mehendi Designs are an integral part of Indian culture, especially during weddings and festivals. These intricate and elaborate patterns showcase a rich tapestry of tradition, symbolism and artistry. India’s diverse cultural landscape is reflected in its mehendi designs. Different regions have distinct styles—Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punjabi, and more. Each style carries its unique characteristics and patterns.


Mehendi with partner’s name

Mehendi with a partner’s name design is a wonderful way to celebrate love, commitment, and the uniqueness of your relationship. In this design, the artist includes the names of the couple into the intricate mehendi patterns. The names can be casually part of the overall design, perhaps by blending them with floral motifs or strategically placing them on their hands. This henna designs for beginners is selected by couples for weddings or special occasions because it beautifully and artistically symbolizes their love and commitment.


Rangoli Pattern Mehendi Design

Rangoli mehendi designs are well-suited for festive occasions, celebrations, and cultural events where the use of vibrant colours and intricate patterns is encouraged. They are particularly popular during festivals like Diwali and weddings.


Front Hand Mehendi Design

Front Hand Mehendi Designs are intricate and beautiful patterns applied on the front side of the hands, extending from the fingertips to the wrist and beyond.These designs are a popular form of body art, especially during weddings, festivals, and other celebratory occasions. If you want to paint your hand beautifully, You can easily choose this type of mehendi design on your special days.


Finger Mehendi Design

Finger Mehendi Designs are tiny, beautiful details that highlight the fingers with grace and simplicity. These designs are usually popular among those who prefer a more minimalistic look. This Mehendi Design emphasizes small and delicate patterns on the fingertips. These easy henna design for beginners may consist of dots, lines, or little motifs.

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  1. Lord krishna Mehendi Design : 

 A Lord Krishna Mehendi Design is not only a celebration of the divine but also a way to showcase the artistry and symbolism associated with the beloved deity. This design, especially for ceremonies of faith, festivals, or special occasions, is sure to fascinate with its spiritual significance and aesthetic appeal.


  1. Customized Mehendi Design

Customized Mehendi Designs let you be the boss of your own Mehendi! You get to decide what goes into the design, making it a personal and beautiful expression of who you are and what you love. It’s like wearing a piece of art that tells your story during special celebrations.


  1. Gujarati Mehendi Design

Gujarati Mehendi designs, with their meticulous details and cultural richness, are a beautiful expression of the art form in the context of Gujarat’s traditions and festivities. These henna designs for beginners are known for their exquisite peacock motifs, intricate floral patterns, and elegant bail designs. The artistry reflects Gujarat’s cultural vibrancy, combining traditional elements with timeless elegance.


  1. New Bridal Portrait Mehendi Design 

New Bridal Portrait Mehendi Designs are a modern and personalized take on traditional bridal henna art. These easy henna design for beginners feature detailed portraits of the bride and groom, capturing their facial features, and wedding attire and often telling a personal love story. 


  1. Minimal Mehendi Design 

Minimal Mehendi Designs are versatile and suitable for any type of occasion from casual gatherings to more formal events. The simplicity of these easy henna design for beginners are allows for easy customization, making them an excellent choice for people who prefer a clean and refined aesthetic.


  1. Marwari Mehendi Design

Marwari Mehendi Design is a traditional art form hailing from the Marwar region of Rajasthan, India. This henna designs for beginners is deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of the Marwari community and is characterized by intricate patterns, elaborate detailing, and a focus on traditional motifs.


  1. Rajasthani Mehendi Design

Rajasthani Mehendi designs are an artistic feast, with intricate patterns that showcase Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage. These patterns often contain intricate peacock motifs, detailed flowers, and gracefully curving vines. Traditional Rajasthani bridal Mehendi is known for its full-hand coverage, which extends from the fingertips to the forearms and is done with meticulous attention to detail. 


  1. Simple Mehendi Design

Simple Mehendi Designs are identified by their minimalistic and simple patterns. These mehendi designs are perfect for casual occasions or for those who prefer an easy yet lovely decoration. This easy henna design for beginners are simple to apply and offers a quick way to enjoy the beauty of mehendi without the need for intricate detailing.


Pakistani Mehndi Design

pakistani mehndi design

Pakistani Mehendi Designs are renowned for their artistry and the seamless fusion of traditional and modern elements. Many Pakistani Mehendi designs start with a central mandala at the palm’s centre, radiating outwards with concentric circles and intricate details. These designs, whether for weddings, festivals, or special occasions, add to the cultural richness and beauty of Pakistani celebrations.


Full Hand Mehndi Design

Full Hand Mehendi Design

Full Hand Mehendi Designs are intricate and elaborate patterns that extend from the fingertips to the forearm. These henna designs for beginners are usually chosen for special occasions, mostly weddings and festivals, where stunning and comprehensive adornment is desired.


Wrap Up

These easy Mehendi designs are perfect for beginners, providing a variety of options to start practicing and exploring the art of Mehendi application. Remember to start with simpler patterns and work your way up to more complex designs as you gain confidence and skill. 


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