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Learn These 2 Things Before Choosing to Buy a Samsung TV

Samsung TVs are one of the most renowned TV brands and are beloved by many consumers. Not only do they have a beautiful design, sharp displays, and vibrant sound, but Samsung TVs also come with various smart features and utilities to elevate the entertainment experience for users.

1. Categorizing Samsung TV Product Lines

Each Samsung TV product line possesses unique features, catering to diverse entertainment needs.

1 – Neo QLED TV: It uses super small Quantum Mini LEDs to achieve high contrast ratios and a wide color gamut for the screen. The TV’s smart processor, Neo Quantum Processor, can upgrade the resolution to 4K or 8K, depending on the product line, ensuring lifelike and sharp image quality.

2 – OLED TV: It uses OLED screen technology, capable of self-emitting pixels without the need for a backlight. As it can individually adjust brightness and color for each pixel, OLED TVs can reproduce over 1 billion different colors, surpassing regular LCD or LED TVs.

3 – Crystal UHD TV: It employs Crystal UHD screen technology, displaying ultra-sharp and vivid 4K images. The TV features a prominent Dynamic Crystal Color image technology, delivering vibrant and precise colors, immersing users in the world of entertainment.

Each Samsung TV product line has its own unique features, meeting the diverse entertainment needs of users

Besides the advanced image and immersive sound technologies, tivi Samsung 65 inch also offers smart features such as “Tap view” for easy connectivity, AirPlay 2 (iPhone), and Screen Mirroring (Android) for a comfortable and relaxing entertainment experience.

3. 5 Reasons to Get a Samsung TV for Your Family

With its outstanding advantages, including design, modern technology, smart features, and affordable prices, Samsung TVs are particularly suitable for families, creating wonderful moments of entertainment with family and friends.

1 – Diverse Screen Sizes: Users can choose Samsung TVs ranging from 32 inches to 98 inches based on their installation space. Selecting the right screen size can enhance the viewing experience, from image quality to sound, creating comfort and relaxation.

Diverse Screen Sizes

2 – Advanced Display Technology: Samsung is well-known for its TVs with superior image technologies such as QLED, UHD 4K, Full HD, and HDR. Samsung TVs can swiftly and smoothly process images due to the Quantum Processor, enhancing the lifelike and sharp entertainment experience for users, whether they are watching movies, sports, or playing games.

3 – Unique Sound Technology: Samsung TVs offer realistic and powerful sound, thanks to leading sound technologies like Dolby Atmos, Q-Symphony, Object Tracking Sound, and Adaptive Sound. This combination creates a multidimensional sound space with an immersive experience, appealing to all senses. Furthermore, these technologies enable sound to move with each movement on the screen, adding realism to each scene.

Unique Sound Technology

4 – Smart Features and Entertainment Utilities: With Samsung’s Tizen OS, users can immerse themselves in an enormous entertainment app store, allowing them to watch movies, listen to music, play games, and learn.

5 – Price Segments: The price of each Samsung TV product depends on various factors such as size, resolution, screen technology, smart features, and design, typically ranging from 6,000,000 VND to 138,000,000 VND.

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If you’re looking for a Samsung TV product with excellent audio-visual experiences and many smart features, 65AU7700 is a great choice. Especially, with the updated price in November 2023 at just 11,240,000 VND at Manh Nguyen Electronics Store, this TV not only provides an outstanding entertainment experience but also comes at a highly attractive price.

With its influence and reputation, Samsung has demonstrated the importance of a world-class brand, extending from South Korea to the global stage. The diversity and modernity in design and image, sound, and utilities make Samsung TVs an excellent choice for anyone seeking a top-notch entertainment experience.

If you have any questions or intend to buy a Samsung TV for your family, please contact Manh Nguyen Electronics Store for a chance to own high-quality, genuine products at the best prices on the market today.

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