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Best Material Brand for Nonwoven Factory

Nonwoven Factory: Non-woven fabric is a type of textile material made by bonding fibers together without weaving. It is created through processes like needle punching, thermal bonding, or chemical bonding. The global demand for non woven fabrics is increasing day by day. At the same time, the number of producers of this fabric or its products is increasing.

However, all producers are not able to supply quality products while maintaining quality. In today’s article, we will talk about the best manufacturer of non woven fabric who has been able to gain popularity and customer’s confidence by the quality of the fabric and products they produce.

How is a Nonwoven Fabric used?

Nonwoven fabrics open up a host of opportunities for a wide range of industries. Nonwoven textiles have grown in popularity as a result of their unique properties. Nonwoven fabric developments are now expanding at the same rate as demand, with virtually limitless applications in a number of sectors, including Hygiene products, Disposable diapers, Civil engineering geotextiles, Agricultural coverings, Apparel linings, Automotive Upholstery, House wraps, Upholstery and many more.

Best Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer and Supplier

Below is a list of some of the best manufacturers and suppliers that produce and supply high-quality non-woven fabric worldwide.

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Berry Global

Berry Global, formerly known as Berry Plastics, will be on the list of the world’s largest and the best manufacturer of non-woven fabric. Berry Global has established a strong position as the world’s leading nonwoven manufacturer for diapers, adult incontinence and hygiene items. Consumer insights, ideas and skills in design, production and research and development have made them at the forefront of this industry.


Kimberly-Clark Corporation is a powerful and popular non-woven fabric manufacturer and supplier that produces thousands of tons of non-oven products. They use 80% of their production internally to make a variety of products. The rest of the products they market in different markets include filtration, construction, acoustics and delivery systems.


Ahlstrom is another most extensive and well-known nonwovens product and materials manufacturer and supplier. They produce and sells non-woven products that are both breathable and lightweight. They offer a variety of goods that effectively promote medical, life sciences, and laboratories. Single-use protective non-woven fabrics, hygiene products, and protective medical papers are some of the products that they are offerings.

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Fitesa has become one of the world’s leading nonwoven fabric producers, with ten facilities in eight countries producing nonwoven fabrics for hygiene, medical, and industrial niche applications. New lines are still being deployed in the United States and Europe. Overall sales have continued to rise in recent years as a result of the company’s commitment to investment and expansion in the hygiene industry.


PFNonwovens is a leading global producer of nonwoven textiles for usage primarily in the hygiene items sector, with operations in the United States, China and the Czech Republic. They are mostly providing Polyethylene and polypropylene textiles that are most often used in disposable hygiene items and construction, agricultural, and medicinal applications.


Freudenberg has gained much popularity in the current global non-woven fabric market as well as expanded a lot. In 2015, they merged with Freudenberg Politex Nonwovens to form Freudenberg Performance Materials. Since then, they have been producing and supplying non-woven products in various end-user segments, including the garment industry, hygiene and medical sector, automotive industry and construction materials.

TWE Group

TWE Group is one of the best manufacturer of non-woven fabric. They produced high-quality nonwoven fabric and supplied it all over the world. It produces high-quality nonwovens made of polypropylene, viscose, polyester, polyacrylic, and a variety of recycled fibre combinations. TWE now operates 14 facilities in the United States, Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, and China.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the non-woven fabric manufacturing industry, driven by different manufacturers, is ripe with innovation. Each offers unique attributes, ranging from technological advancements to sustainability, durability, and customer-specific solutions. Their commitment to quality and continual development has set new industry benchmarks. As we look to the future, these manufacturers stand poised to drive change, explore new potentials, and shape the non-woven fabric industry globally.

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